What You Crave

The world’s first-fast food restaurant was experiencing sales declines and fighting the perception it was an old and out-of-touch brand. 

We discovered that customers didn’t visit White Castle because of special promotions. They came because they got an urge or a craving for the unique, oniony, steam-grilled taste of these special little burgers. During the research interviews, people started to salivate just talking about them.

The campaign was built around the brand position of “What You Crave.” Executions were designed to elicit sensory recall, reminding White Castle lovers of the small burgers big steam-grilled taste.

Record increases and comparable store sales outpaced the competition. The campaign won four EFFIE Awards in a row, given by the American Marketing Association for effectiveness. It defeated McDonald’s, Burger King, Taco Bell and Wendy’s. As creative director, Brad managed a highly skilled group of writers, art directors and producers who’s ideas helped shape it’s success.